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Peacock Crest Drops

The jewellery market is flooded with earrings, hoops, danglers, hook earrings, and what not, but if you want to add a fusion jewelry item to your earring collection, there’s nothing better than this superb and stunning multicoloured earrings with coloured stones, diamonds and rhodium polish for a special occasion. Multicolored jewelry has not just been in trend since the times immemorial, but it is also more versatile and complements your dresses more beautifully. Coloured jewelry pieces can be worn matching with your dress or in contrast, but any jewellery with more than two colours is always easy to team up with your attire.

Our special multicoloured earrings are made using gemstones like emerald, pink and yellow sapphires, and diamonds studded in gold. The rhodium polish, particularly at the rim of the earrings and around the diamonds adds an elegant and graceful look to the earrings, making them look more stylish and away from the usual- traditional and ethnic jewellery designs.
The best part about this earring is that its look will complement your dress and hair-do so perfectly. You can give yourself a celebrity look with these earrings and you can also boast a vintage look as these earrings are perfect for all get ups.