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Peacock Minakari Jhumka

With the stunning colours patterned in intricate designs, minakari jhumkas are the hot favourite among women right now. These jhumkas with blue and black minakari, pearls and diamonds in a perfect setting give a new twist to Punjabi jewelry.

Meena has been in trend since ages, although we had seen the trend of meena slightly fading away in the last decade but right now, there’s nothing that looks more stunning, more striking and more fashionable than meena.

These peacock minakari Jhumka have a blue peacock on the top with bright red beak and a diamond chain around the neck. There’s a stunning white pearl at the bottom of the peacock and then the jhumka done with black meena and diamonds. The base of the jhumka is adorned with diamonds and rhodium polish and the final finishing is done with an array of small white pearls hanging down from the jhumka rim.

These jhumkas are big in size, hence, suitable for any special occasion. The colours are bright and vivid, and appropriate by the same token for day as well as night functions.