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Sparkling Wheel Diamond Studs

For those of you who don’t prefer to wear dangling earrings, hoops and chandeliers, these wheel stud earrings are the best you can buy. With a subtle look made with gold and rhodium polish, the diamonds are beautifully placed.

The wheel spokes are very elegantly designs with diamonds and alternatively coloured silver and golden with the help of rhodium polish. The centre of the studs have diamonds placed in a floral pattern and the rhodium lining around the flower defines and enhances its look.

The best part about these ear studs is that they can be comfortably worn with your dresses with either silver or golden work as it has both the colours equally used in the design.

The diamond setting used here is called invisible, although it does not mean at all that the diamond is not visible. In this setting, only the top of the diamond is visible, and not the bottom part of it. This changes the look of the usual diamond setting and makes your jewellery look unique.

These stud earrings are suitable for all occasions, routine wear and will match with all types of dresses and colours.